Yosemite National Park

Yosemite Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in North America. It is amazing how the stunning water and magnificent momentum is! However, the tall trees are so high to reach the heaven, as if competing with the beauty of waterfalls. Walking in the sideway, taking a deep breath, and enjoying these special combination.

The famous U shape valley, just feel whole world turn around. The green grass in front brings out the beauty of the mountains. Well, the United States is so huge and every national park is so different. My dear friends, just follow my every stroke to travel around every beautiful place.

I came back to Yosemite 6 years later and tried to enter from east entrance, however, even on early June 2019, the snow still blocked my way and I had to take another 4 hours route instead to get into the park!! But due to the snow, I was able to see Tioga pass in different view, covered by snow but shinning under sun. I believed everything happened for reason! Without this late snow, I couldn’t see this stunning view!! When I entered the park, Yosemite valley gave me another atmosphere!! The water ran like crazy because the snow, and the valley full of green for the spring season!! I was so grateful that God gave me any scenery and I loved to visit again and again!!