Talking About Sketching

Theme for May: Talking about Sketching

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May 13, 2021 Vegas News
Article: Zhang Jinrong

Theme for May: Talking about Sketching

Self-portrait (back view)

When we were in Taiwan before, we often had several groups of different painters, and we often formed groups with friends to go out to sketch. While traveling up and down the mountains and seas, we carried easel tools on our backs. Sometimes, in order to find a good view, we had to walk one or two It takes about two hours to complete the painting, and it takes about two hours to set up the easel, because the light moves with time, and the shadow also changes. In the morning and afternoon, when the light is completely opposite, grasping the time is the most basic. It is very important for speed practice to complete sketching in limited time!
In general, the purpose of sketching is not to complete the work, but to collect materials for the work, but Impressionist painters are different. They often use landscape sketching to directly depict the fleeting light and shadow, which is a style of its own! Sketching from life is a kind of enjoyment for those who like to paint, but it is a kind of torture for friends who don’t paint. In the past, most of the painting friends brought their partners and naturally divided into two groups. At the same time as the painting friends were sketching, the relatives and friends met on their own. Have fun, get what you want!
I left my hometown and came to the United States. For so many years, I have been missing the sketch group in Taiwan. On the one hand, I didn’t know where I lived when I first started, and I didn’t know any painting friends at first. In addition, the United States was too big and the geographical environment was dazzling. After many years , I finally made up my mind to take a 7-day, 6-night trip to the Florida beach in May this year, and I will also sketch and paint against all odds. I will put the watercolor tour group and a small watercolor on paper in my luggage, and face the beautiful scenery that catches my eyes, or people or things or I spent 1-2 hours painting in the hotel while I was moved, but I kept sketching different scenes in my mind, adding many new ideas to my future creations, which is the biggest gain of my sketching this time.
This time, I selected four sketches to share with you. I hope there will be more opportunities to go out to sketch in the future! (author and painter)

Theme for May: Talking about Sketching
Little Girl on the Beach

Theme for May: Talking about Sketching
Mistress and Bird

Theme for May: Talking about Sketching
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