Hope to Visit Soon IMAGE Courtesy of Wiki Commons New Mexico Artwork WHITE SANDS On Friday, December 20, 2019 White Sands was re-designated White Sands National Monument as White Sands National Park, making it the 62nd designated national park in the National Park System. *More info coming soon…

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Hope to Visit Soon IMAGE Courtesy of Wiki Commons Michigan Artwork VOYAGEURS Much like Isle Royale this national park is also located in a fairly remote location along the Canadian (Ontario) border and is largely comprised (40%+) of water. Essentially, you have three options for effectively exploring and navigating this land: Bring your own watercraft,…

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Hope to Visit Soon IMAGE Courtesy of Wiki Commons North Dakota Art THEODORE ROOSEVELT If there is one man we can thank more than any other for the National Parks we enjoy today, it is Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt. This American statesman, political, conservationist, naturalist and writer served as our 26th U.S. President and was deeply…

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Hope to Visit Soon IMAGE Courtesy of Wiki Commons Virginia Artwork SHENANDOAH I had heard the name Shenandoah many times in my life, but I didn’t know what to expect as we moved into the area and decided to route our way to this national park. And for me, this park earned the “most peaceful…

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Sequoia National Park When I came to Sequoia National Park, and saw the huge redwoods toward sky, this picture comes to my heart naturally. Keep thinking how to make this painting right, praying God anointing my hand, and try again and again. I would love to always seek God first, and believe He will watch…

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Saguaro National Park Saguaro National Park has a big secret that a lot of people are not aware of. During our visit, we observed the hidden secret, that is called The Halo affect, which occurs around sunset, you will begin to notice the all the cactuses appear to glow, which is the halo affect. That…

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Rocky Mountain National Park Calm Breeze Rocky Mountain NP 24*36″ We pulled over on the side of the road when we drove to Mountain, then looked over our shoulders and was shocked at this beautiful view. I felt very calm and peaceful when I painted this work, just liked the wind blowed on my face…

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Hope to Visit Soon IMAGE Courtesy of Wiki Commons California Artwork REDWOOD As a boy, Todd took several trips through the Redwoods on his way from Washington to visit relatives in Northern California. Sadly, we did not find a way to make the stop at this national park during our travels, though we passed very…

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Hope to Visit Soon IMAGE Courtesy of Wiki Commons California Artwork PINNACLES Interested in a national park “born of fire”? We’ve got just the right one for you. The mesmerizing geologic structures in the park were formed millions of years ago by lava flows. The rounded and sculpted formations tower above you, especially when you…

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Petrified Forest National Park Visitor Center- Adobe building @ Petrified Forest NP 18*24″ This adobe building is very unique when I visited Petrified Forest NP. It is very historical and then turns into a visitor center. If you had a chance, you can go to Santa Fe and feel the atmosphere, full of adobe building,…

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