Mistaken into the “strange” way

Mistaken into the "strange" way

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March 19, 2020 Vegas News
Article: Zhang Jinrong

Mistaken into the "strange" way

The work "Empty City" is made of 12-color pastel pencils. It was painted in Taiwan in 2006 and is Jin Rong's first color practice work.

△ In 2006, I went to Geneva on a business trip, and I stayed on the shore of Lake Lemmon for two more days. I accidentally saw the Chateau de Chillon. After returning to Taiwan, I went to the studio. I just practiced pencil sketching for six months. Next, I want to enter the world of color. Since my goal is to paint oil paintings, chalk is a good tool for preliminary practice of "mixing colors", mainly because the texture of chalk has the feeling of oil painting, and it is heavy and solid. My first color work "Empty City" was made of twelve-color chalk pencils commonly used by children, but this work laid the foundation for my determination to enter the field of art!
From computer high-tech to the field of art, often self-deprecating is straying into a "strange" way, as if accidentally discovering another possibility for oneself, and these twelve-color chalk pens are so readily available, children bring them A tool for graffiti, but I have completed such a beautiful work with my wholeheartedness. The shock it brings to me can be imagined! And it has also stimulated my painting potential. From being just interested and fun, to thinking seriously and becoming my second specialty, the little chalk pen has contributed a lot! (Photo: Zhang Jinrong/painted)

Mistaken into the "strange" way
The work "Empty City" is an oil painting. It was painted in oil again in the United States in 2013. It can be seen that after 7 years of pure practice, the artist's skills are no longer comparable.