Silent Protest

Silent protest

June 11, 2020 Vegas News
Article: Zhang Jinrong
       △ Recently, many issues have been raised due to the death of Floyd. Although "racial discrimination" is not a new issue, it has been staged in different dramas in the United States. Some people sincerely care about racial issues and peacefully march to protest; but some people have ulterior motives and use race The issue has caused social turmoil. Seeing that in the liberal and democratic American society, there are people who pretend to be free in the name of freedom and actually commit violence. Whether it is police officers who overrule the law or people who take advantage of the fire, it is not acceptable!
      In fact, most of the general public are silent. They see with their eyes, listen with their ears, and observe with their hearts. However, with the prevalence of online social media, information indiscriminate drowns out the public, and the mix of true and false news, it is often difficult to tell whether it is true or false. Identify! However, everyone always has a ruler in their hearts. When the extreme left or the extreme right is extremely unbalanced, the people will finally use the votes in their hands to achieve a balance.
      This work "Silent Protest" was shot in Yehliu, Taiwan. When the painter saw the scene, he was very shocked, as if the land was in dialogue with the painter. The expression of this work is very direct, very pure, and very faithful. The scene out of Yehliu has no fancy tricks, no superfluous arrangements, but it is very heavy, because it expresses deep expectations for this society, the price of democracy is very heavy for the people, and the media and thugs without self-discipline make society Crazy, now the painter's mood is expressed through the image of the land, making the deepest protest!

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