Prayers in Protection


Prayers In Protection!

"Good Main Art Column - May Theme"

May 15, 2022 Vegas News
Article: Zhang Jinrong
           △ This work is very special to me. I remember that year, when I returned to Taiwan from the United States to meet up with my friends, only to learn that her child was sick, and it was a special disease, which made the doctor unable to do anything, and what I could do. But he prayed for him, and there was a special touch to complete this work. This is a pair of parents' hands holding the sick child's small hand and touching the family with a large transparent hand. This invisible hand represents a kind of We may not be able to see or touch the invisible power, but we can feel the pull of an invisible force in our life, and we have been helped by many nobles along the way.
     May is the month of mothers, so I dedicate this work to the hearts of parents all over the world, and for those of you who work hard and protect the next generation, you have worked hard! (The author is a painter)

Hand guard! Guard!

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