Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind!

"Good Main Art Column in January"

January 16, 2022 Vegas News
Article: Zhang Jinrong
         △ A new year (2022) has arrived. Looking back on last year, the new crown epidemic has not stopped. In the new year, new variants of viruses continue to appear. It has been two years of virus epidemics, and I don’t know when it will return to normal. Life? ! So I took out this early work "Peace" and prayed that all my relatives and friends would be safe.
    The composition of this work is very simple. One year I came to Hehuan Mountain in Taiwan to live for a month. The owner of the homestay raised a large piece of "Margarita". The colors are simple but colorful, and the words contained in the flowers are faintly visible. I thought for a while to put "peace" in flowers, because "peace" is very simple, but sometimes I want a simple "peace" but it's not simple, so I show the artist's thoughts and share it with you. year, may God bless you with peace. (author and painter)

Peace of mind!

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