Don’t forget the original intention

Don't forget the original intention

April 12, 2020 Vegas News
Article: Zhang Jinrong
        I started learning painting at the age of 35, and it has been 16 years so far. I had an irregular heart rhythm due to heavy work pressure, so I followed the doctor's advice and chose a thing I liked to change my mood, and painting became a mood switch, when I was completely immersed in it. In art, all stress is instantly removed, and all troubles are left behind. What's even more amazing is that the arrhythmia problem also disappears automatically after a few years! I am very fortunate that I can discover another talent that can accompany me to the end of my life!
       Painting is a kind of talent, a kind of learning, and a kind of desire for the world from the heart. Through the different life scenery at each stage, it outlines various images of the past and the outline of the future.
       In the beginning, it was just a hobby, and I used to paint in my spare time after get off work, so I got to know many painting friends. At the same time, I also saw many people who were born in art classes and have high skills. After many years, people who can really stick to the path of "pure art" always limited!
       Everyone will encounter a bottleneck. If you cross the bottleneck, you will make a breakthrough and improve yourself to another world; but what if you can't overcome it? My personal suggestion is to recall the original intention: why did you paint in the first place? What can painting do for you? If you have to bend your waist because of five buckets of rice, can you continue to persevere with a little bit of time every day? If there is only a little enthusiasm left, please do not extinguish it, keep the residual warmth, and let it have a certain place in your heart!
       The original intention is to be persistent, rely on perseverance, and walk out of a painting life without regrets. This work is innocent. It is the work of the author's early practice. The medium is colored pencils, and the model is the little girl next door. I remember at that time, I liked to paint everywhere, because painting made me happy, and seeing the innocent little girl The innocent and lovely smile makes me forget my sorrows and enjoy pure happiness. No matter the painting skills, no matter how long or short, the little girl in my heart has been waiting there all the time. Don't forget the original intention. At this severe moment, the new crown virus is still unknown. When can the ban be lifted? I wish you all to be able to do something you like happily, maybe get back the happy self you were when you were young, and get through this difficult time together safely! (The author is a painter)

Don't forget the original intention
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