How I See Venice

How I See Venice!

"Good Main Art Column: December Theme"

December 14, 2020 Vegas News
Article: Zhang Jinrong
      Last month's painting sharing was "Where Are the Lovers?" It was the beautiful Venice, Italy. To be honest, that painting was really lonely and had a feeling of arrogance. At that time, the artist was single and never married, which may also reflect a person's loneliness. Bar! But the light in the distance gives people hope and strength, because the paintings are collected by others, so I will continue to work hard, hoping to paint a different feeling of Venice!
So when I painted the second Venice, I planned to express it in another way. When composing the picture, I added another kind of imagination. The wall expression combined the half face and the convex lens, which implied eyes/glasses. It has become an old wall, quietly observing the beauty of the city, watching many tourists come and go, year after year, day after day, the old wall is still there, but the personnel are completely different.
The tone of this work is presented with new and old red bricks. The unified tone attempts to give people an old but warm feeling. The color is used to express the half-face that is implied. The composition, completion and maturity are still satisfied with the work. , is also an unprecedented feeling, but to be honest, this work is very different from the previous one. I take myself out, put myself in the painting, and observe the world in a special way; Saved! The artist personally believes that there is no such thing as good or bad in the work. The point is to express one's own mood in the painting, and the viewer will naturally feel the artist's mood and agree with it. This is the artist's greatest comfort! (The author is a part-time painter)

I watch Venice!

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