Hi! Hello Halo

Hi! Hello Halo

"Good Main Art Column in March"

March 14, 2022 Vegas News
Article: Zhang Jinrong
         △ Coming to the southwest of the United States, many desert-type areas have charming special scenery, which has also become a characteristic southwest landscape painting. This time the city government came to Charleston. The Haite Art Center held a special exhibition to show the works of landscape art in the southwest. Many artists in Vegas have invested in it, making this special exhibition extremely lively.
    I am fortunate to have three works selected, one of which is called "Hello! Halo" was selected by the city government as the promotion cover of this event. Become the protagonist. Under the setting sun, the backlit scenery will have a "Halo" phenomenon, and the scenery is particularly beautiful! To observe the beautiful halo, it is necessary to match the specific time and angle of the sun setting. Once the painter came to the "Cactus National Park", the halo scenery full of mountains was so beautiful that it left a deep impression on the painter's mind. To show this special beauty, this work is collected by collectors. Therefore, this painting exhibition is specially loaned to collectors for display. The effect is very good. Can't find a suitable angle to share the "halo" beauty.
    The exhibition will be on display from now until May 24. Details are as follows:
    Exhibition location: Charleston Height Arts CenterExhibition
    address: 800 S Brush StExhibition
    time: Monday to Saturday, 8:00am to pm 6:30 (closed on Sunday) (author and painter)

Hi!  Hello Halo
The works of painter Zhang Jinrong selected by the

Hi!  Hello Halo
municipal government became the cover of the exhibition The works of painter Zhang Jinrong selected by the municipal government became the cover of the exhibition . On the

Hi!  Hello Halo
opening day, the crowd gathered and it was very lively!

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