Flower Dance – Dancing in the Snow

Flower Dance Series - Dancing in the Snow

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July 15, 2021 Vegas News
Article: Zhang Jinrong
       It is midsummer July, and the temperature in Las Vegas this year reaches 117 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature in the past two weeks has repeatedly set records. At this time, it is most suitable to use this work "Flower Dance Snow" to cool down! "Flower Dance Series" is the theme of the artist's first solo exhibition. It mainly matches the series of works produced by flamenco dance. After watching the performances of the dancers, they are inspired by the dance and created because they are moved!
The work "Flower Dance Snow" depicts the strength of being a woman. Although the scene of falling snowflakes is beautiful, it is cold and biting. As a woman, she seems weak, but sometimes she can stand up to the difficult external environment. Living in the middle of the sky, no matter how cold the environment is, you must dance with your own elegance and beauty.
The origin of the flower dance series came from a group of boring office workers, but also a group of colorful artists. At that time, painters and dancers were still working in foreign technology companies. Singing is all based on the passion for life, piece by piece the story of life! There are a lot of short stories in it, let's watch the "Flower Dance Series" in the second half of the year to tell stories! Please look forward to! (author and painter)

Flower Dance Series - Flower Dance Snow

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