Dancing on Fire

Dancing on Fire

"December Good Main Art Column"

December 17, 2021 Vegas News
Article: Zhang Jinrong
Very woman , I
love to dance, I
step on the dance steps of my heart, I look back on the canvas
where the long tail skirt is raised, and I
look back on the canvas of dialogue with the skirt flowers,
telling the love and sorrow that have remained unchanged for thousands of years,
turning the page and continuing to tell
each mood story
, there is always joy, sadness
, anger, elegance and joy
The taste of life a good sister who is just
about to start working

in the information industry. She often uses her off-hours to rush to practice flamenco, and I rush to practice painting. In the future, if one day, I will hold an art exhibition, and she will help me dance, how wonderful it will be? ! So in my heart, the seeds of the "Flower Dance Series" were planted.
Thanks to Flamenco's "Family Club", I can enjoy the beautiful performance. I know many dancers here. Although they are all amateur dancers, everyone's performance is not inferior to the professional. At that time, the "Amateur Painter" specialized in Collect "Amateur Dancers", use a brush to outline moving curves, express women's various emotions with unique composition, whether happy or angry, sad or happy, and shout out the exclusive rights of women!
The stories of the six flower dance series shared in the past six months are only part of the story. 2021 is over, but the new year is about to begin. The artist uses this work to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year! wish everyone! (Author: and painter)


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