Olympic National Park Olympic National Park is amazing park which includes Glacier, rain forest and beach. Here is huge and it very worthy to come again and again to enjoy so many different type of scenery. However, the weather of Washington State in unpredictable. Every kind of weather could happen in one day, that’s what…

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North Cascade National Park It is not that popular compared to others. However, there are more glaciers in this park than Glacier National Park. This park is open during July to September only due to its altitude and height. I think that’s why it’s not that popular. However, I love Diablo Lake a lot, its…

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Hope to Visit Soon IMAGE Courtesy of Wiki Commons Washington Artwork MOUNT RAINIER At over 14,000 in elevation, Mount Rainier (an active volcano) is a fantastic centerpiece for this national park located only about 65 miles to the southeast of Seattle. (As a side note, this park actually offers the highest elevation of any of Washington’s…

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