Saguaro National Park Saguaro National Park has a big secret that a lot of people are not aware of. During our visit, we observed the hidden secret, that is called The Halo affect, which occurs around sunset, you will begin to notice the all the cactuses appear to glow, which is the halo affect. That…

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Petrified Forest National Park Visitor Center- Adobe building @ Petrified Forest NP 18*24″ This adobe building is very unique when I visited Petrified Forest NP. It is very historical and then turns into a visitor center. If you had a chance, you can go to Santa Fe and feel the atmosphere, full of adobe building,…

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Grand Canyon National Park Whenever I came to the Grand Canyon, I was so touched by the magnificent momentum. It’s time to see the beauty that our God has created! Through this Grand Canyon, it seems like I stand on the shoulder of a Great giant and fear God! I believe that God will bless…

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Antelope Canyon Antelope Canyon was formed by erosion of Navajo Sandstone, which belongs to the Indian Reserve. It includes two separate, Upper and Lower Antelope Canyon. When the sunlight shines through the mountain side craves and causes a reflection on the rock, you will see so many bright vivid  colors. You feels like you are walking in the dream. The colors are…

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