An Artist sharing God's love

Painting Classes

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Jenny Baham's Art works  brings a modern vision of the beauty of Nature.  Looking at her paintings tranports you to the actual place.  Pure creative brilliance!

~ David  Tupaz( designer)

Jenny Baham is the Ambassador for the natural beauty of the great out-of-door.  Her brush strokes are a celebration of God's Nature.

~ David Fay (medal sculptures artist)

She makes her paintings come alive!

~ Dean Ganson (radiologic technologist)

I believe her art is a gift from God. It is beautiful,colorful and majestic.Im glad I own one.

~ Dawnmarie Odya

Jenny is truly a very Talented Anointed artist! She not only sees with a sharp eye the Beauty of the Lord, She Captures it on Canvas! Your Talent is truly a Gift from God that you have worked hard to develop into a one of a kind Beauty!

~ Pastor Blizzard

In a truly accomplished and grandeur way, Jenny has captured life in a way that only she could have brought out to captivate the hearts and taste of humanity!

~ Pastor Don Taylor

It is amazing how with a gentle stroke of her hand Jenny is able to bring life, color and depth in her paintings that is soothing and peaceful as it captures your imagination to the core. She is highly talented and her art work is greatly admired.

~ Maya Taylor