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  • Lake Tahoe- Symphony

    Salute to comtemporary art! Rock, tree, and water combine a very nice symphony when I visit Lake Tahoe!! Different type of my arts but I love it!!

  • Mono Lake – Sunrise

    Mono lake is a very unique place where is a saline soda lake in Mono County, formed at least 760K years ago in an endorheic basin. Many columns of limestone rise above the suface of water, called Tufa Towers. I loved this area and I will definitely come visit again.

  • Grand Teton National Park

    Welcome to Jackson Hole! What?! What are you talking about? Here is Grand Teton National Park. Jackson Hole is very cute small town but famous. You will be amazed how beautiful it is when you have a chance here. I ran into Wildlife Museum and was stunning by the beauty of statues outdoors and oil […]

  • Great Basin National Park

    Imagine driving on the loneliest road in the United States. Yes, when you tried to reach out this park, you would experience “lonely” feeling, no attraction and no cellphone connection on the road. Some said you’d better to prepare “survival guide” for anything happened on the road.  I rememberred I saw the sign said “after […]

  • Kenai Fjord NP

    Exit glacier is only part of the park that we can be accessible by road. When we explored the trails, it was easy and beautiful and witnessed how glacier re-shape the landscape. Amazing experience!! The morning light at the harbor is stunning, when we were going to take a cruise to explore Kenai Fjord NP. […]

  • Denali National Park

    Alaska has the most national parks in US. This is my first time to experience Alaska’s wildlife. And I learn if you want to visit other national parks, either using airplane or boat, otherwise you cannot go!! Denali NP is most easy and friendly park in Alaska. Very lucky we had a very nice weather […]

  • Petrified Forest National Park

    Visitor Center- Adobe building @ Petrified Forest NP_18*24"
    This adobe building is very unique when I visited Petrified Forest NP. It is very historical and then turns into a visitor center. If you had a chance, you can go to Santa Fe and feel the atmosphere, full of adobe building, so cute, so prettry, so special. That's why I came here, this visitor center just caught my eyes and I had to paint it.

  • Rocky Mountain National Park

    Calm Breeze_Rocky Mountain NP_24*36″ We pulled over on the side of the road when we drove to Mountain, then looked over our shoulders and was shocked at this beautiful view. I felt very calm and peaceful when I painted this work, just liked the wind blowed on my face and felt clear mind. Dream Lake_24*48″ […]

  • Mesa Arch_ Canyon Lands National Park

    Worshiping Sunrise_Mesa Arch_CanyonLands NP (Utah)_24*48″ When we came here we had no idea how beautiful it was going to be, until we experienced it for ourselves. As you can see it is God’s creation worshipping him. Because He is truly the light of the world. Praise God.

  • Jean Laffite National Historic Park & Reserve

    Cajun Experience_ Jean Laffite National Historic Park & Preserve_36*36″ This Preserve is near New Orleans. When you take a stroll in this park, the trees are not like anywhere else. These Cypress trees, Spanish Mosses and swamps define southern Louisiana. Even though you feel that this place is beautiful and peaceful here, you need to […]