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O to Z National Parks

Yellow Stone, Yosemite and Zion National Parks

  • Petrified Forest National Park

    Visitor Center- Adobe building @ Petrified Forest NP_18*24"
    This adobe building is very unique when I visited Petrified Forest NP. It is very historical and then turns into a visitor center. If you had a chance, you can go to Santa Fe and feel the atmosphere, full of adobe building, so cute, so prettry, so special. That's why I came here, this visitor center just caught my eyes and I had to paint it.

  • Rocky Mountain National Park

    Calm Breeze_Rocky Mountain NP_24*36″ We pulled over on the side of the road when we drove to Mountain, then looked over our shoulders and was shocked at this beautiful view. I felt very calm and peaceful when I painted this work, just liked the wind blowed on my face and felt clear mind. Dream Lake_24*48″ […]

  • Olympic National Park

    Olympic National Park is amazing park which includes Glacier, rain forest and beach. Here is huge and it very worthy to come again and again to enjoy so many different type of scenery. However, the weather of Washington State in unpredictable. Every kind of weather could happen in one day, that’s what I’d been experience. […]

  • Saguaro National Park

    Saguaro National Park has a big secret that a lot of people are not aware of. During our visit, we observed the hidden secret, that is called The Halo affect, which occurs around sunset, you will begin to notice the all the cactuses appear to glow, which is the halo affect. That is what you […]

  • Sequoia National Park

    When I came to Sequoia National Park, and saw the huge red woods toward sky, this picture comes to my heart naturally. Keep thinking how to make this painting right, praying God anoiting my hand, and try again and again. I would love to always seek God first, and believe He will watch me and […]

  • Yellow Stone NP 黄石國家公園

    It was rainny day when I visited Yellowstone National Park. However, I still went visit Artist Point to see this scenery and then I was so shocked by the momentum! When I painted this artwork in tears, as if I was so weak in the presence of God who created heaven and earth. But the […]

  • Yosemite NP 優勝美地國家公園

    Yosemite Falls is one of the tallest waterfalls in North America. It is amazing how the stunning water and magnificent momentum is! However, the tall trees are so high to reach the heaven, as if competing with the beauty of waterfalls. Walking in the sideway, taking a deep breath, and enjoying these special combination. The […]

  • Zion National Parks 錫安國家公園

    When we were walking on the trail of Riverside Walk in Zion National Part, it took us one hour to the entrance of “The Narrows”. The high mountains blocked out the sunshine when we walked on the trail. The color changed so differently. Well, I cannot forget this picture when I arrived the entrance: it […]