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Limited Edition Prints (details)

We offer for sale “Limited Editions” of selected paintings, which will have a total of 200 prints all together for each offer.

All of the prints will come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Artist Jenny.

Lead time will be 25 business days for Standard Edition

If the shipping address is located in the US, there will be no charge for shipping and shipping insurance will be included.  If shipped to Canada or Mexico, there is additional  USD charge of $ 50.00. Other country’s located outside of the US except for Canada and Mexico will be considered a special order and will be charged at an international shipping rates. Contact Jenny at her e-mail for any special order. All sales final and is none refundable, frames are not included. Thank you for your order.

You can place your order on the website or email to for specific order.

Please include the buyer’s  phone, email and shipping address for contact information.

Thank you!!