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About Artist Jenny

Artist Jenny (Chin Jung) Baham: The Passion for Life

red hatcropBorn in 1969 in Taipei Taiwan, with her Computer Science degree background, Artist Jenny worked for the following global high-technology companies, Apple, SAS and Gartner, as an Account Manager more than a decade in Asia. One day in 2005, she felt unable to breathe, her heart almost stopped beating on her way home due to the stressful job. She went to the hospital and the doctor could not find anything wrong with her. And then the doctor told her: “If you do not want your job to kill you due to your stress, you need to balance your life…” That’s why she went through a Personal Enrichment program and signed up for a “Pencil Sketching” class to force herself to leave her job on time. The reason for choosing pencil sketching was because it’s easy to prepare, just pencils, an eraser and a piece of paper. However, she found her passion and it changed her life dramatically with the gift from God.

Jenny entered Master Jiun Pan Studios to refine her oil painting skills in 2008. Under great guidance and influence by Master Pan, Jenny has made a tremendous progress in her artworks. She improved her oil painting skills in smooth lines, mixing color accurately, speed control, and many other artistic procedures… etc. Her artworks often amazed people with her heavenly creation and her passion for life.

Due to her passion for art, Jenny visited many countries to enrich her understanding of different cultures. Because of upcoming exhibitions in the past, she had been interviewed by several media companies and radio programs about her artworks. She immigrated to the United States due to her marriage in 2013. In the same year, she had a charity exhibition in the Museum of Fine Art in Taiwan. Though she cannot flight back to Taiwan due to her wedding preparations, she hosted the opening through Skype in Las Vegas.

Furthermore, Jenny is an instructor of pencil sketching and oil painting at the College of Southern Nevada from 2014 to the present. She shares her experiences and gives her students professional guidance. Besides teaching at CSN, she is working on her current project, painting all the National Parks across the United States. Her purpose is to get all Americans to see this beautiful nation. Jenny’s art fully shows her enthusiasm for life, her positive and optimistic attitude continues to set a good example of this generation.


1969 年出生於台灣台北市,從小數理成績優異、理工背景的金榕,在資訊行業、外商公司擔任業務工作長達十多年;在 2005 年,因工作壓力過大而開始感覺胸悶, 有一天開車下班回家的路上, 突然瞬間無法呼吸、心臟好像被重擊、感覺就要死在駕駛座上,而旁邊沒有人,去醫院檢查卻檢查不出原因,醫生的結論是工作壓力太大。為了不要「過勞死」, 才下定決心要「準時下班」的金榕, 於是在公司附近的材藝教室報名了鉛筆素描,動機只是因為材料簡單:一隻鉛筆、一塊橡皮擦、一張紙搞定,卻意外找到了生命中的熱情,有著繪畫天份的金榕,從此展開藝術之路,生命因為這份上帝的禮物而有戲劇性的改變。

為了精進油畫技巧,金榕幸運地於2008 年進入「龎均畫室」、師承藝術大師龎均,受其極大指導及影響,尤其在線條流暢、色彩準確、速度掌握上都非常到位;在藝術進步極快的金榕,她的作品每每讓人驚艷,並展現極其特殊的生命力!

對藝術的熱情,金榕走訪世界各地豐富人生,並親身體驗不同的文化!由於過去的幾次展覽,她也數次被邀請至電台接受專訪,分享她的藝術及人生觀。於 2013 年因婚姻而移民美國,於同一年,與築心之家合作,在新竹文化美術館舉辦義賣個展「飛越障礙」,雖然因準備結婚事宜無法飛回台灣,她人在美國拉斯維加斯,仍使用 Skype 為此次個展開場,不遺餘力。

如今旅美畫家金榕,從 2014 年開始至今,在「南內華達學院(CSN)」教導鉛筆素描及油畫課程,她使用自己的經驗,授予學生專業指導;除了授課之外,金榕目前著手的專案:繪畫美國國家公園,她企圖讓所有美國人可以透過她的作品,看到這個國家的美麗!金榕的作品充份展現對生命的熱情,以及積極樂觀的態度,希望以正面的力量影響這世代。